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Just Say No To The Liberal Media

March 29, 2013

“Media wages war on logic [more gun laws, please!]…”

Sensationalism always gets better ratings than rationale thinking. Enough already!

“Thou Shall Not Murder” is likely the most common law in history, and has held the steepest penalties. But murderers have never obeyed the law. Really? Why?
Simply this: Laws don’t stop criminals intent on committing crimes. They’re committed to their criminal ways, always have been, always will be. So, disarm the rest of us and make it easier for them?
Don’t let the lying sensationalism of the liberal media intimidate you. Stand for your rights and don’t apologize about your belief that innocent lives are best protected by responsibly armed Americans like you and me.
Ah! The liberal media, ya gotta love ’em!
Oh! wait a minute no you don’t!!



I shall Not be moved! 

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